Poage enjoyed his time in Australia, chiefly due to his observation that the Australian people were much like Americans but spoke “British.” Though they visited the great cities of Melbourne and Sydney, his group spent most of their time in the outback. Tasmania reminded him of the English Midlands, both in terms of its people and its geography. Much of the Northern Territory was desert with poor quality cattle, sometimes with only one animal per 160 acres. According to Poage, Queensland, in the northeast, was the “land of opportunity” for Australian settlers. Restrictive title laws, however, hobbled the region’s development. In nearby New Zealand, Poage found “the prettiest grasslands of the world” where he said grass grew year-round.

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Map of TAA Inter-Capital Routes [Undated]

Australian Sugar 1970 brochure

Canterbury Agriculutral College Annual Review 1956 [cover]

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