Poage's Passport: A BCPM Digital Exhibit

During his time in the United States House of Representatives, W. R. Poage visited all seven continents. This exhibit, while not an exhaustive accounting of Congressman Poage’s international voyages, gives a broad overview of his travel during his 42 years in office. During this time, Poage’s work on the Agriculture Committee and with the InterParliamentary Union (among others) took him overseas where he met, befriended, and learned from hundreds of foreign peoples.

He remembered these experiences fondly, and in his memoirs wrote: “I have always felt that travel was absolutely essential to any well-rounded citizen, and I consider it to be of vital importance to a Member of Congress.” Similarly, Poage believed that congressmen who were too concerned about being on public business missed out on the opportunities for personal and professional growth international travel provided.

A report on Poage's trip to Poland, Russia, India, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Nepal, and Australia for the use of the Committee on Agriculture. [Cover]

Poage's passport application from 1960. Note the "Visible Distinguishing Characteristics" and "Occupation" fields.

Countries Visited by Congressman Poage

- Japan, China, Uzbekistan and India

- Great Britain, Germany and Russia

- Australia, New Zealand, Fiji

- Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Paraguay

-Israel (Palestine), Egypt

- Sudan, Southern Africa


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