#ElectionCollection: Legislative Campaign Memorabilia at the BCPM

On Tuesday, November 8th, 2016, Americans across all 50 states will cast their votes. They will, collectively, elect 435 members to the House of Representatives, 34 Senators, 12 state Governors, 1 Vice President and 1 President. This date – the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November – was set by Congress in 1845 and has remained constant ever since. This year, we’re commemorating Election Day with a brand new digital exhibit. We’re calling it our #ElectionCollection, and throughout the month of October leading up to Election Day, we’ll be digging into our collections and pulling out some of our most interesting Congressional election-related materials.

Why Congressional materials? Because the legislative branch, more than the executive or judicial branch, is “the branch of the people.” Congressmen and Senators represent the interests of their constituent states and districts at the federal level, crafting legislation that will impact the daily lives of Americans in a very real way. These men and women know their constituents more intimately than any other federal elected official, communicating with them over months and years to learn what they find important and how they expect government to perform.

Learn more about the NARA campaign that inspired our exhibit here.


Baylor Collections of Political Materials, Digital Projects Group