Bob Bullock State History Museum

Bob Bullock received many gifts throughout his years as a politician but the gift he was given most frequently were books dedicated to Texas history. Bullock had a fierce, unabating love for his state and everyone knew it; and on Congress Avenue stands a museum that serves as a triumphant, constant reminder of this deep devotion. 


The 35-ft. tall bronze star adorning the Lone Star Plaza is a beacon for the Museum assuring nobody misses it as they wander by.

Thanks to Bullock's efforts, visitors can now experience three floors of Texas history with over 700 original artifacts including the preserved hull of the sunken expedition ship La Belle in one of the museum's most popular exhibits. Visitor's museum experience is further enhanced with rotating special exhibits dedicated to specific topics such as Texas' role in World War II, an exploration of Big Bend National Park, or their current exhibit Purchased Lives which utilizes personal accounts and artifacts to tell the story of the American slave trade.


Bottles commemorating the Museum’s opening

Bullock was the guest of honor at the groundbreaking ceremony in April, 1999 but unfortunately died before the museum opened to the public in April, 2001. In his honor, a bronze statue of him was placed at the head of the staircase on the second level where it still overlooks the two-story glass entrance of a state history museum that is surely "something that Texas can be proud of."


Bob Bullock State History Museum