Lieutenant Governor: 1991-1999

Bob Bullock continued his passion for improving the lives of all Texans when he assumed the second highest office in Texas. In 1991, Bullock became Texas' Lieutenant Governor alongside its newly elected Governor Ann Richards. Four years later, he was elected for a second term during which he developed a strong bond and excellent working relationship with Governor George W. Bush despite their allegiances to opposing political parties. Bullock always insisted that politicians leave their politics at the door and adopt a bipartisan position to better allow them to make choices that were truly best for Texas and not just those that align with their party's ideology.  


Although there are various speculations as to why, Bullock and Ann Richards reportedly did not get along and experienced a tumultuous working relationship during their four years together.

Bullock and George W. Bush, on the other hand, worked well together despite coming from different political parties. Bullock believed that Bush truly cared for the wellbeing of Texas and wholeheartedly supported him when Bush ran for a second term as Governor against Democratic contender Garry Mauro.

During his first run for office, The Victoria Advocate published an editorial endorsing Bullock for Lt. Governor in which they insisted that "Mr. Bullock is a true leader, unafraid to take strong stands on controversial issues." "He understands state finances better than anyone around and he has the vision to address the myriad thorny issues that confront Texas. He will hold legislative feet to the figurative fire and get the state moving" and he certainly did not disappoint.  

As Lt. Governor, Bullock was partially responsible for urging lawmakers to undertake a major rewrite of the Public Education Code which happened in 1995 allowing schools increased local control. He also encouraged lawmakers to design a statewide water plan after a serious drought plagued Texas in 1997 which eventually led to the implementation of the state's first water conservation management plan. 


Chief Justice Tom Phillips swears in Bullock as Lt. Governor.

Despite heavy backlash against it, Bullock pushed for a state income tax but also enacted a constitutional amendment in 1993 that required voter's approval before a state income tax could be enforced and also required that the funds from the tax be used to improve education.  

In the spirit of his grandiose love for Texas, Bullock used his office to aid in the preservation of its past by securing funds for a state history museum as one did not yet exist. He also spearheaded the restoration and renovation of the Texas State Cemetery in which Bullock is now buried. 

During his announcement that he would not run for another term, Bullock declared that he would leave office "with no ill will to anyone and with love, respect and admiration for all my fellow Texans. Only death will end my love affair with Texas."

"God Bless Texas!" 


Handkerchief from the 1995 Inauguration


Invitation to the 1991 Inauguration


Paperweight with Bullock's slogan

Lieutenant Governor: 1991-1999